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Cool on Track® Cooling Bandana

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Help your dog stay cool in the summer heat with a bandana in our unique Cool on Track® material.

Dogs are sensitive to heat because they can’t sweat the way humans do. So it’s important to ensure that your dog does not get too hot or overheated during hot days and during hard training. With the bandana, you effectively cool down the dog around the neck, where there are many superficial blood vessels that effectively help to cool down the rest of the body.

Cool on Track® material lowers the temperature and provides a pleasant cooling effect through the evaporation of water, completely without chemicals or storage in the freezer. The bandana is flexible enough to use on all occasions.

Cool on Track® Products - Purposefully Shipped Damp
Cool on Track is an advanced cooling technology that requires it to be wet before it becomes effective. After production, Cool on Track products is purposefully 'dampened' to ensure product integrity and flexibility in the preparation and packaging phase. Product dampness is to be expected and is an important part of our production protocol.

Carefully follow the washing and care instructions to get the best possible effect and durability.

Just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and put it around the dog’s neck. The material cools as long as it is damp, and you can easily soak the bandana again to maintain the effect during the day.

Now you can help your dog stay cool in any weather!

Cools the surface up to at least 6 degrees after three simple steps:
  1. Saturate water over the bandana (make sure the entire product is wet)
  2. Squeeze out excess water.
  3. Put the bandana on your dog.

The evaporation process is an important factor for the product to cool the skin, therefore the bandana has a durable mesh outer fabric to stimulate air circulation.

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