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Canine Whippet Rug

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Back on Track® Canine Whippet Rug

Back on Track® Canine Whippet Rug is a high quality coat designed with the mobility needs of an athletic dog, in mind. These jackets have a water resistant and breathable, polyester outer layer, lined with the unique Welltex™ ceramic infused material. They include a soft, fleece neck cover (that can be folded down on warm days), reflector strips, wide girth band (to keep the Rug in place) and non-removable, elastic leg straps.

This particular product is, also, finding huge popularity with other dog breeds, from Collies to Pointers.


Extra Small (36cm - 39cm back length, withers to tail)

Small (41cm - 43cm),

Medium (45cm - 48cm),

Large (53cm - 56cm)  and

Extra Large (57cm - 60cm)

XX Large (61cm - 64cm)

Colours: Black

IMPORTANT: to determine the correct size, with the dog standing still, upright & facing forward, measure the length of your pets back (the torso, along the top of the spine) from the withers (shoulder blades) to the base of the tail - do not include any part of the neck or tail

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