Instructions For Use

Instructions for Use

Before beginning use of our products, please carefully read the directions for use which can be found on our packaging. Our products should be introduced slowly, and each product has a different introductory period. Please carefully follow the directions for use of our products, as the body needs the opportunity to familiarize itself with the Welltex fabric’s effects.

Due to the increased blood circulation that can happen when using Back on Track products, we recommend introducing our products gradually. During the introductory period, start with product use for 2-4 hours per day for the first 3-5 days. If you experience pain, which is likely due to increased blood circulation, reduce the use of the product. Specific introductory directions can be found on the product packaging and varies depending on the product.

We do not recommend use while pregnant.

After the introductory period, it is important to continue use of the product for at least 10-20 days before assessing it’s impact. Since the Welltex fabric reflects more of the body’s energy the more you move, the effect is greatest if you use our products when active. However, Back on Track products do work when resting, as well as while sleeping.

Continue to use the products according to your routine, and be sure to take breaks from use of the product around week three, in order to avoid dependency. The sensitivity of dependency varies from individual to individual. For maximum effect, the Welltex fabric should be in direct contact with your skin. 

Specific Instructions for Use with Horses and Dogs

The effect of Back on Track products increases with movement as the body’s energy increases, so in addition to using pads and blankets in the stables, the horse should also use our products when moving, especially with products such as our leg wraps, saddle pads, exercise sheets, and blankets. For long term issues, your horse or dog may need to use Back on Track products for an extended period. After use for 2-3 weeks, take a one week break to assess the issues and determine if the products are working. 
When using Back on Track products, be sure to take regular breaks from use. Our products should be used one day before and two days after exercise, and then use should stop until the next workout. For warm-up and cool-down, use 1-2 hours before and 2-4 hours after exercise.

For long-running issues in dogs, Back on Track products should be used for several weeks, at least 8 hours per day, with regular breaks in order to achieve desired results. 


- Care for your garment, just like we care for you! -

To get the maximum Back on Track® effect you need to keep your products clean. Always carefully follow the instructions on the care label. The Care label tells you how you should clean, dry and take care for the garments to give them a long life. Our minerals are infused on a early stage in the process and will not disappear from the garments when you clean them.

- Wash/ Drying -

- Wash the garments inside out and keep colour separately

-Do not use detergent with Aluminium chloride, Enzymes, Silver and Citrine

- When the washing cycle is done, immediately take the garments out and let them dry

-Do not use fabric softener or bleach -Do not rub garments, unless clearly indicated, wash nylon products and delicate garments in laundry bags

-Garments washed for the first time, including cotton and viscose, can shrink. If this appear, carefully shape or stretch the fabric when it is still wet

-On knitted garments, we recommend you to dry it flat on a towel to prevent them from losing shape

-Products with water repellent treatments should be washed with special detergent and be dripdried

-Do not expose products or garments to heat or direct sunlight, unless it is necessarily

-Use tennis balls to distribute down evenly on our down jackets

-To remove pilling, use a stone for clothes

- Think about the nature -

Washing your clothes is a strain on our environment, and is often unnecessarily. The minerals in our Iontex® garments are anti-bacterial; please think twice, if you need to wash them. Jackets or garments that are not closest to the body can often be hang outdoor for a while to remove bad odour.