In the course of his own studies, Dr. Beselin became particularly interested by the pain relieving capabilities of certain ceramics. This style of pain relieving therapy evolved from the ancient Chinese practice of applying a particular type of heated marble stone to aching muscles.The Chinese sought and used only a certain form of this marble, comprising a specific range of metallic oxides that engendered its potency for relieving pain. Metallic oxides reflect body heat in a manner that stimulates blood flow and body cell activity.

Dr. Beselin was so impressed by this therapy that he incorporated this technology into the Back on Track range of products. This was achieved by melding a finely powdered form of this very ceramic into the synthetic threads of the fabric.

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Through extensive trials and testing, Back on Track ceramic fabric was refined to its present standard. In this form, it can reflect body heat from each speck of ceramic powder in a manner that both stimulates activity within body molecules, and promotes blood flow. Far infrared waves have many benefits, including:

Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues.
Reduces inflammation and swelling in muscles and joints.
Eases muscle pain and tension.
Hastens the healing process.
Warms the muscles prior to exercise, thereby reducing the risk of strain and injury.
By emulating such an effective Chinese therapy, Back on Track products have provided pain relief for sufferers of such diverse ailments as arthritis, post-operative pain, repetitive strain injuries, poor circulation and much, much more.