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Night Collection Fleece Rug - Navy

Regular price R 3,890.00
Elegant and classic smooth velvet-fleece rug with Welltex® technology. Quilted details at front to prevent stretch in the fabric and with a rounded fit to get a slim effect around the neck. Fluffy wool over the withers to prevent pressure. High quality for a soft feeling and lined with Welltex® textile over the back for your horse well-being. Glossy fabric over shoulders to prevent chafing. Many of our consumers thinks our product is perfect to use for prepare your horse´s muscles on your way to competition or training, preform and help recovering afterwards or why not to put a golden moment in your everyday. Good fit and equipped with one hidden surcingle. Welltex® technology
· Elegant details
· Silky lining over shoulders
‧ Overlap T closing in front
‧ Fluffy wool over withers
‧ One hidden surcingle
· Swedish design

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