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Neck Brace with Polo Neck

Regular price R 899.00

The Turtleneck (Polo) Neck Brace (Black only) incorporates a dicky bib on both the front and back. The rear bib is designed to cover the big trapezius muscle (in the back), which, often, is a large contribution to a person's neck pain (once this particular muscle relaxes, the wearer will notice an enormous amount of relief)

For best results, it is recommended to wear the Neck Brace in contact with the skin. If the area of pain also involves the shoulders, either the Back on Track® T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or Polo Neck Sweater would be a more preferable choice of product because they fully cover the area.

Sizes: (neck circumference) S, M, L, XL

Extra Small (Polo only), 31cm - 34cm
Small 35cm - 38cm
Medium 39cm -41cm 
Large 42cm - 44cm 
Extra Large 45cm - 48cm

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