How It Works

Back on Track, a Swedish company, designs and manufactures muscle and joint braces, as well as functional clothing and other products in our unique ceramic infused fabric, Welltex. Back on Track is the original when it comes to ceramic infused products and Back on Track is constantly developing new products and improving the existing range to stay at the forefront.

The ceramic particles that are infused into the fabric are microscopic, but once woven into the fibres, they give the fabric the unique property of being able to reflect body heat in the form of a therapeutic infrared energy. Infrared rays are well documented to assist in reducing inflammation and pain by generating an increase in circulation.

Infrared is also credited with assisting general wellbeing. Other positive effects reported after using our ceramic infused products are relief of muscle tension, improved recovery from exercise or training and enhanced performance in the sports arena.

The manufacture of the Welltex fabric as well as the Back on Track range of functional garments and braces happens in China and Taiwan. The process of incorporating the ceramic particles into the fabric is delicate and complicated, but once the process is complete, the ceramic cannot be washed away or separated. This fabric is then used to manufacture the Back on Track range of products. The quality and structure of the fabric and Back on Track products are tested by an independent university laboratory to check the amount of infrared energy and the wavelength of infrared that is reflected by the fabric, thus guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Back on Track products enhance well-being and help recovery purely by aiding the body’s own natural processes. Where there is dysfunction, pain and swelling, the local circulation is often not optimal. By wearing a Back on Track brace or garment one is providing gentle assistance to help normalise the situation. Back on Track cannot cure chronic disease processes like arthritis for example, but it certainly makes the discomfort far more bearable.