Testimonials - Humans

Georgina Roberts Full Time Horse Trainer

When I had my riding accident, many assumed it was the end of my riding career. Whilst backing a young horse in September 2008, it fell over onto me, breaking clean through my hip joint and leaving me with multiple pelvic fractures. Anyone who rides - and anyone who just walks! - can understand the serious nature of a hip injury at twenty four years old. Doctors told me to expect longterm mobility issues, lack of weight bearing ability of the leg, to expect a hip replacement and several times that riding would be very difficult.

After six weeks of traction and another month in a wheelchair before I could even consider crutches, I assumed the worst part was over. I assumed wrong! I had chronic pain in the joint and struggled to alleviate it. Many of the things that helped were not conducive to permanent solutions – hot baths, massage, painkillers. As part of my rehabilitation I started working with a great physiotherapist, who recommended Back On Track products. I had my doubts as a hip is an incredibly difficult joint to isolate; there is no supportive braces or ways of strapping it. But Back On Track material lends itself to great versatility and I bought a pair of boxer shorts, albeit sceptically.

The first time I wore them I had to take them off after two hours, as the boost in circulation was such a surprise! Things that had been a bother – cold weather, sleeping on my bad side, moving around too much – immediately improved, and my dependence on alternative measures decreased dramatically. They are extremely light and comfortable compared to other products on the market, making it easy to use whenever wherever. I use the product pretty much constantly now; sleeping, training, driving, and am back to a full riding schedule just over a year since my accident. I am competing in eventing successfully and up to my old theatrics on horseback, but perhaps with a little more caution!

My orthopaedic surgeon could not believe the improvement in my range of movement, soundness and well being just six months after my last (and pessimistic) check up. He claims it’s a miracle, but I know better, and will continue to support Back On Track as it has supported me!



Kelly Robinson - Pharmacist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

I have personally used the Back on Track elbow brace when I developed cubital tunnel syndrome. It was useful both before and after surgery to manage my swelling and nerve pain. Recently I had a neck injury and my first port of call was a Back on Track neck wrap. It has enabled me to sleep with less discomfort and allowed me to take less medication to manage my condition. I can and do recommend the Back on Track product range.

Monty Roberts Renowned horse gentler and New York Times bestselling author

"As it turns out I have come to often test the products I endorse on myself before I recommend them for horses. Wherever appropriate I want to know how products affect me and what the likely correlation is between human and horse for the product involved. I sleep in Back on Track T-shirts. I use a Back on Track lumbar warmer as I have a spine that is significantly compromised.

Back on Track has the effect of soothing the underlying tissues that often bother me during the night. I use Back on Track stable rugs and if I were to give an honest assessment I would say that the horses give me the same vote of confidence that I feel myself. Back on Track has been a regular part of my wardrobe for about 4 years now and they work.

Currently I am on tour in England and I probably don’t have to explain, IT IS COLD (winter 2010)! During my last demonstration I wore Back on Track T-shirt under my regular shirt and I sincerely don't know how I would have gotten through the demo without this assistance. I am not only a fan of Back on Track but a victim of injuries that really test me. The product is great."