Testimonials - Animals

Ansi van der Walt, qualified physiotherapist treating humans, horses and domestic pets

My personal experience with Back on Track Products has been both with my own painful knee as well as my horse's hock injury. I have cartilage degeneration at the back of my right knee cap. This condition makes any exercise that requires knee movement very painful. I started wearing the knee brace during exercise, and for one hour afterwards. Using the knee brace has allowed me to exercise and strengthen the muscles around my knee, where in the past any exercise was simply too painful. My horse’s injury was more acute. He came in very lame from the paddock one afternoon with an obvious kick mark on his left hock. I applied the Back On Track Hock brace every night. His recovery was remarkable – three days later he was sound in ridden work, and by the weekend (5 days later) he competed at a dressage competition with no sign of discomfort. He was never given any anti-inflammatory medication. Because of my own positive experiences with the Back On Track knee brace, I am very happy to recommend the Back On Track products to all my clients - human, equine and canine... The clients who I have recommended Back On Track to have also been very happy with the results.

Desiree Davidson, show jumper

I started using Back on Track leg wraps when my open show jumping horse was twelve years old. After about a month of using the product I had a good look at his legs and was pleasantly surprised to find them nearly as clean and dry as when I bought him as a four-year-old! I firmly believe that the Back on Track products extended his jumping career far beyond what it would have been without them. I now use the Back on Track leg wraps, exercise bandages and saddle pads on all my horses.

Lilian Moller, qualified vet

Although not practising in the veterinary field currently, Lilian is actively involved in the training and breeding program for the South Africa Lipizzaners. Lilian is also a qualified dressage judge and highly accomplished dressage competitor. This is what she has to say about Back on Track.

“My introduction to Back on Track was winning a Back on Track numnah at a show. (thank you for the sponsorship of this prize!) I was amazed how when using this, even if the horse had really sweated up with the work, the area under the numnah was not excessively wet or hot, and certainly not showing any areas of discomfort for the horse. I have since then replaced all my working and show numnahs with the Back on Track numnahs. They are well shaped to fit the horses, both dressage and jumping. Also love the fact that they are easy to wash and dry very quickly. Think they are great!!”  

Paul Hart – Team South Africa Eventing member

I would like to express my delight with the Back on Track products that I have used. My Horse HeartBreak Hill “Harry” is a South African thoroughbred using the Back on Track hock brace and leg wraps.

During 2009 Harry came down with a virus which affected the circulation in one of his hind legs. Back on Track approached me to use the boots to increase his circulation and remedy the situation. As Harry is one of South Africa’s top Event horses we needed to find a long-term solution.

The products have worked amazingly well and now he wears the hock brace and leg wraps every night when he goes into his stable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Back on Track for their superb products and support.


Jenny Damm

Gold Medal Winner, Agility World Championships / National Championships, Crufts winner agility, Winner of the Year Agility Dog, active national and international agility instructor.

Back on Track products for dogs can be used to warm up your dogs' muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. Most importantly, the products have a dual capacity to prevent injury as well as ease and expedite the recovery of already present injuries. Your dog will wear these products comfortably as they contribute to its well being. May help arthritic dogs to move more comfortably.

I've used other blankets on my dogs for several years, but it was when I started using the Back on Track dog blanket that I noticed the diference. My older dog Lotus has a hip joint problem. He's very sensitive to the cold and becomes stiff easily so Back on Track has been a great help... compared to the usual dog blankets available. Stiffness that may appear after a rest period completely disappears after diligent use of Back on Track.